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Select Media Coverage of The Upside of Your Dark Side

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Harvard Business Review- Great Leaders Embrace Office Politics

Smart People Podcast- with Kashdan on "How to Achieve Fulfillment"

National Public Radio-Kojo Nnamdi Show -interview with Kashdan on "Your Dark Side: The Benefits Of Anti-Happiness"

Forbes- Become a Better Leader by Expressing Gratitude Effectively

Forbes- Why A Little Bit Of Badness Can Be Good

Fast Company- Stop chasing after happiness and do this instead

The Washington Post- This ed-reform trend is supposed to motivate students. Instead, it shames them.

The Guardian- 'They're here for therapy': Houston's 'rage room' a smash as economy struggles

Chicago Tribune- Making a big decision? Balance your needs with the people you love


Select Freelance Writing

Harvard Business Review- "Companies Value Curiosity but Stifle It Anyway"

Psychology Today- cover story on "What Happy People Do Differently"

American Express- for their Passion Project campaign on "Its okay to be anxious, as long as you're curious"


Pivotal News

New York Times Sunday Magazine - cover story on Positive Psychology, "Happiness 101." (January, 2007)

The Washington Post - cover story, "Journeys of Discovery: People driving fascinating research" (November 1, 2009)

New York Times- "Maybe Bullies Just Want to Be Loved" (May 21, 2010)

Listen to ABC Radio - All in the Mind interview on happiness (May, 2013)

Listen to National Public Radio - Kojo Nnamdi Show interview on "Curiosity and Well-Being" (April, 2009)

Listen to CBC Radio - "Say No To Happiness" (June, 2010)

Listen to National Public Radio - The Diane Rehm Show - "Shyness and Social Anxiety" (August, 2011)

Chosen by Psychologies Magazine in list of "58 people who have changed our lives" (October, 2011)


Select Media Coverage of Curious?

The Guardian- "This column will change your life- A curious mind is an active mind" (June 2009)

AARP- "Why Asking Questions and Embracing Uncertainty is Good for You" (June, 2010)

Oprah Magazine- "6 Simple Steps to Bravery, Courage, & Adventure" (May 17, 2010)

Psychology Today- cover story on "Making your own luck" (May, 2010)

The Washington Post- cover story, "Journeys of Discovery: People driving fascinating research" (November 1, 2009)

Miller McCune Magazine- "Curiosity: The Killer Catalyst" (November/December 2009)

CNN broadcast- "Training Yourself to be Happier"; easier to watch ABC news version (December 2009)

Article for Daniel Pink- "3 ways to boost your curiosity and refresh your outlook" (January 2011)


Select Magazine and Newspaper Media

New York Times- "The Benefits of Blowing Your Top" (July 5, 2010)

The Washington Post- The Mindful Athlete (June 2, 2015)

Wall Street Journal- Thanksgiving and Gratitude: The Science of Happier Holidays (November, 2014)

U.S. News and World Report - Happiness in the Recession (May, 2009)

The Washington Post - The value of family dinners (September 29, 2014)

The Guardian- "How to be Creative" (October, 2010)

Psychology Today- cover story on "Making your own luck" (May, 2010)

Miller McCune Magazine- article on the science of handling bullying (May 2010)

Montreal Gazette- article on the costs of boredom in school and beyond (April 2010)

First for Women Magazine- article on curiosity and Kathryn Morris from the tv show Cold Case (December 2009)

Parents magazine- contributed to article titled Understanding Your Toddler's Personality Traits (January 2010)

Diane magazine (for Curves gym; October, 2009) - read article on the science of happiness

First for Women magazine (November, 2009)- mindfulness and quilting

Article in Scholastic Magazine, "Why emotional intelligence matters" (August 2009)

Book review in Self Magazine (5/1/2009)

Positive Psychology News Daily review of Curious? (5/14/2009)

Book review in Psychology Today (May 5, 2009)

Interview with Positive Psychology News Daily (read Part 1) (read Part 2)

Body + Soul (April, 2009)

Slate interview with Gretchen Rubin (April, 2009)

CanWest News Service (March 15, 2009)

Science Daily (March, 2009)

Listen to my appearance on the January 8th broadcast of National Public Radio's "On Point".

September 2008 - Interviewed in PBS Documentary, "Happy for No Reason".

August 2009 - Gratitude research featured in USA Today

November 2007 - Read about my work on gratitude in war veterans in The Washington Post

Select Radio Appearances

National Public Radio-Kojo Nnamdi Show interview on "Curiosity and Well-Being" (4/30/2009)

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National Public Radio-Talk of the Nation interview on "What makes us happy?" (6/1/2009)

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Listen to appearance on Montel Williams Radio Show (April 13, 2009)


I offer workshops and keynotes for business organizations, government, professional communities, continuing education for various disciplines, and the general public. With cutting-edge knowledge and humor, I offer practical suggestions for how people and organizations can flourish.



My books Curious? and The Upside of Your Dark Side offer the new message that the greatest opportunities for joy and personal growth do not happen when searching for happiness, certainty, or safety. When we acknowledge negative emotions and impulses, and use them wisely, and are open to new experiences, we attain greater success and become a better person.



In my Well-Being Laboratory, we conduct research to better understand strength use and development, social relationships, optimal performance, happiness, meaning and purpose in life, resilience, emotions and their regulation, and stress with a focus on how to apply this knowledge to better people's lives.