Todd Kashdan speaks at TEDx in 2012


I lead workshops with organizations as diverse as the United States Department of Defense, Customs and Border Protection, Hormel, General Mills, Gensler, the Gap, Merck, and Standard Chartered Bank. I regularly give talks and keynotes around the globe to business executives, schools, parents, retirees, scholars, and therapists and life coaches. Based on the science of strengths and well-being, I discuss how organizations can become more agile, creative, visionary, collaborative, and impactful. Whether you desire a small workshop, a large-scale training, or something else, the overall satisfaction of each person in your group can be enhanced. I have yet to meet a group that could not benefit from what is being offered.

Examples of Topics for Keynotes, Trainings, and Workshops

  • Agile Leadership

  • Creative Leadership Requires a Maverick Mindset

  • The Art and Science of Resilience

  • Optimizing Social Relationships

  • Unlocking the Power to Think Differently: Where Can Your Curiosity Take You?

  • Relentless: The Science of Strength Use and Development

  • The Science of Work Well-Being

Contact me to craft something that meets your needs. If you are interested in additional information or ready to set-up an event, use the following contact information:

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Todd Kashdan presents at "The Wealthy Thought Leader"





I offer workshops and keynotes for business organizations, government, professional communities, continuing education for various disciplines, and the general public. With cutting-edge knowledge and humor, I offer practical suggestions for how people and organizations can flourish.



My books Curious? and The Upside of Your Dark Side offer the new message that the greatest opportunities for joy and personal growth do not happen when searching for happiness, certainty, or safety. When we acknowledge negative emotions and impulses, and use them wisely, and are open to new experiences, we attain greater success and become a better person.



In my Well-Being Laboratory, we conduct research to better understand strength use and development, social relationships, optimal performance, happiness, meaning and purpose in life, resilience, emotions and their regulation, and stress with a focus on how to apply this knowledge to better people's lives.