Todd Kashdan speaks at TEDx in 2012


Training and Workshops

    I offer a range of workshops to organizations as diverse as the United States Department of Defense, Customs and Border Protection, Hormel, General Mills, Gap, Gensler, BBDO, Merck, and the World Bank. Unlike other professional speakers, I am a scientist, university professor, and author with cutting-edge knowledge and tools for attaining elite performance while maintaining a high quality of life. My services can address what your group wants to know about how to create a life most worth living.

    For individuals, this includes strategies for cultivating happiness and meaning in life, a better understanding of psychological strengths and how to best use them, a better capacity to tolerate pain and uncertainty, psychological flexibility, and finding fulfillment in relationships, work, and home. My services are informed by the latest scientific research conducted by myself and colleagues. As for style, my workshops are energizing, interactive, and playful. Participants get simple concrete tools that they can use immediately to improve the quality of their lives.

    If you are a business organization, the science of mindfulness, strengths, and well-being can foster employee creativity, vitality, engagement, meaningfulness, morale, and positive relationships while simultaneously raising productivity (and the bottom line).

    Want to stay ahead of competitors without compromising the well-being of workers?

    Want to discover how to tap into the unique strengths of each member of your organization?

    Want to improve people's ability to tolerate change, uncertainty, and stress to remain productive and innovative?

    Whether you desire a small workshop, a large-scale training, or something else, the overall satisfaction of each person in your group can be enhanced. I have yet to meet a group that could not benefit from what is being offered.


Speaking Engagements

    I regularly give talks and keynotes around the globe to business executives, schools, parents, retirees, scholars, and therapists and life coaches. Based on the science of strengths and well-being, I discuss how organizations can become more agile, creative, visionary, collaborative, and impactful.

    Contact me to craft something that meets your needs. If you are interested in additional information or ready to set-up an event, use the following contact information:

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    Fax Number: (703) 993-1359

    Todd Kashdan presents at "The Wealthy Thought Leader"