“Buttressed by the latest scientific research, Curious? is one of those rare books that can make you rethink how you see the world.”

–Arianna Huffington


Without question, happiness is important. Who doesn’t want to be happy and wish the same for their loved ones? But this book is about living a life that matters with a broader view about what the “good life” entails. This includes meaning and purpose in life, wisdom, satisfying relationships, the ability to tolerate distress, spirituality, creativity, compassion, feeling a sense of competence and mastery, and so on.

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When you adopt this broad view of what matters, an important question remains that this entire book hinges on. What is essential to creating a fulfilling life?

The answer is…

Being curious.
Being open to new experiences.
Being able to effectively manage ambiguity and uncertainty.
Being able to adapt to the demands required of different situations (what I call “psychological flexibility”).
Discovering our strengths, deepest values, and what it is we are passionate about.
Strengthening connections to these values and commit to a life aligned with them.

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