The Art of Insubordination

Behavioral Scientist’s Summer reading list for 2021

Behavioral Scientist
Summer 2021 Reading List

Art of Insubordination

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“This is the book that all virtuous rebels need.”

Charles Duhigg
Bestselling Author

The first book that offers a comprehensive recipe for rebellion that is eminently practical and based on cutting-edge science.

Early Reader Reviews

It’s time to bring insubordination out of the darkness and infuse society with a healthy dose of nonconformity.

Dr. Kashdan’s work paves the way to the kind of change that transforms lives, communities, and societies. Each of the ideas inside is backed by science and bolstered by inspiring anecdotes This is a book you will re-read until the pages are ragged.

To the original thinkers and problem solvers in the 21st century– this book is an invaluable resource for ensuring your efforts are more audible, effective, and sustainable. Readers will find a compilation of scientifically informed tools, tactics, and strategies that will help cultivate and harness diverse viewpoints. Not for the sake of being different but to improve the health and longevity of the groups we care most about

10 Things this Book will Teach You

You will learn how to:

1.      Separate principled insubordination from destructive forms of disagreement

2.      Resist pressures for conformity, especially when mainstream ideas and practices cause misery

3.      Embrace people who disagree openly and speak their mind

4.      Produce messages that are likely to change people’s minds (especially when you lack power, status, or a large number of supporters)

5.      Create alliances that increase strength, knowledge, and wisdom

6.      Maintain momentum toward meaningful goals despite painful experiences such as being negatively evaluated and ostracized

7.      Better handle the transition of power from once minority to new majority

8.      Champion ideas that run counter to traditional thinking

9.      Unlock the benefits of being in a group of diverse people holding divergent views

10.  Cultivate curiosity, courage, and independent, critical thinking in youth

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