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Happiness 2.0: The Only Way Out is Through

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Do We Need Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces?

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The Subtle Art of Disagreeing with Your Boss

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10 Principles for Embracing Productive Conflict

new york times logoThe Upside of Anxiety: There are several benefits to having an internal alarm system, experts say.

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Hidden Brain “My Unsung Hero” interview on Todd Kashdan’s story.

The Next Big Idea Club 22 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2022

Politics & Prose watch a conversation on The Art of Insubordination moderated by brilliant author Karla Starr

Family Action Network watch a conversation on The Art of Insubordination moderated by Dr. Jane McGonigal

The Michael Shermer show – watch/listen to a nearly two hour conversation on The Art of Insubordination

Negotiate Anything on The Art of Insubordination (Kwame Christian is an amazing interviewer here)

The Psychology Podcast on The Art of Insubordination

Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast  on The Art of Insubordination

Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast II  on How To Raise Kids Who Aren’t Sheeple, Who Swim Upstream & Who Can Gracefully Engage In Divergent Thinking

The Art of Coaching Podcast on Disagreeing Effectively & Lateral Thinking

Sharon Says So on The Art of Insubordination

The Gist on The Bad Way to Rebel (make sure to listen to Part 1 and Part 2)

Happy Families with Dr. Justin Coulson on The Art of Insubordination

Being Well Podcast with Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson on Standing Up For What You Believe In

Smart People Podcast on How to Challenge the Status Quo… and Win

The Professional Athlete Podcast on Ted Lasso or Bob Knight? Motivation, Resilience and the Art of Insubordination

The Art of Charm on How to Be a Persuasive Rebel

The Second City Works on The Art of Insubordination

Fast Company on Diversity is critical, but orgs can’t reap the full benefits without this

Two Guys on Your Head on Effective Subversion

2 Pages with MBS on Rise up!: Todd Kashdan [reads] ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’

Why Do We Do That? on The Art of Insubordination

The Rewired Soul on The Art of Insubordination (or on Spotify here)

The Most Hated F Word on Using Curiosity and Insubordination

Best You Podcast on How to Accept Varying Opinions

Intentional Performers Podcast on Curiosity and Insubordination

Street Level Redefined Podcast on The Art of Insubordination

The Responsible Leadership Podcast on The Art of Insubordination

Signal Boost Show on The Art of Insubordination

NPR -on How to dissent and defy effectively

The Reset Show Podcast on The Art of Insubordination

Behavioral Scientist Best Summer Book List

Harvard Business Review Great Leaders Embrace Office Politics

NPR Kojo Nnamdi Show on Curiosity and Well-Being

NPR Kojo Nnamdi Show on Your Dark Side: The Benefits of Anti-Happiness

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NPR On Point on Teaching Happiness

NPR Talk of the Nation on What Makes Us Happy?

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Lewis Howes The School of Greatness Podcast on Why Anger, Guilt, and Fear Cultivate Success (And the Art of Emotional Agility)

The Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast on The Bright Truth about Your Dark Side

The New York Times What’s Life Like After Depression? Surprisingly, Little Is Known

The New York Times The Benefits of Blowing Your Top

The New York Times  Maybe Bullies Just Want to Be Loved 

The New York Times “Happiness 101” 

The Washington Post  The Mindful Athlete

The Washington Post  Cover Story, “Journeys of Discovery: People Driving Fascinating Research” 

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USA Today  What Science Says is the One Trait Kids Most Need to Succeed in School

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Forbes Why a Little Bit of Badness Can Be Good

New York Magazine In Praise of Spacing Out

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Washingtonian Why Gratitude May Be What Gets Us All Through These Troubling Times

EntrepreneurIdentifying Your ‘Curiosity Type’ Is the Key to Getting More Done

O, The Oprah Magazine6 Simple Steps to Bravery, Courage & Adventure

U.S. News and World ReportHappiness in the Recession

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